From Miami With Love

It has been a fun few days in Miami. Perfect weather although I have been inside a lot.

It has been fun to spend time learning more about Web 3 from team Multicoin and seeing a lot of friends who happen to be LP’s as well.

I got to say hello to Matthew Ball who had a great discussion with Kyle about the state of the Metaverse and how we got here.

I have been investing for nearly 45 years and never had the good fortune and returns of a fund like Multicoin.

A lot of the returns have been driven by early investments in Solana and Helium which I have chronicled here on the blog the last few years with Kyle on my Panic Podcast.

Kyle and Tushar continue to be bullish on Solana and Helium and AR Weave was mentioned a few times. The importance of Stablecoins was also a big topic.

Last night I had dinner at Lot 6 which was a ‘pop up’ Steakhouse and post COVID a full time Steak Restaurant. I highly recommend it.

One big highlight of the week was running into Brad Gerstner.

I was minding my own business in the hallway waiting for Gary to finish his pee and Brad called my name. I turned and said hello and that I was a big fan and surprised that he knew who I was. I said I never would have recognized him because he seemed taller on TV and on Twitter. Brad laughed and we grabbed this picture:

And just like that he was off into the Miami sunset, but not before I asked him to be on my podcast.

Have a great Friday.