From Panic With Friends To Frothy With Friends…Life and Markets Come At You Fast

I joked with Fred Wilson waaaaaaay back in March 2020 when he joined me for ‘Panic With Friends‘ that I would have him back in the future for my next podcast series titled ‘Frothy With Friends’.

It turns out that the future is April 2020!

I was looking at this heatmap of the markets this morning and it was interesting to see how the biggest losers (in the stock market) of this pandemic have been the banks and the ‘independent’ energy companies…

The markets do have a sick sense of humor and while the banks made out like bandits from the last crisis, they sure don’t like this crisis.

I am already way off point but my head is exploding after a month at home working on Zoom and watching the markets.

While I have no idea what is next for the stock markets, I sure as hell am glad I did not panic last month.

Tomorrow is a much better day to panic if you were hiding under your bed last month.

To get back on point of the whole ‘Panic With Friends’ series thesis I think it is worth your time to listen to a bunch of episodes Knut and I put together last week with some of the best venture capitalists/investors I know – Roger Ehrenberg, Ed Sim and Sean Park. They are also great friends.

Like all 48 guest on the show, they each deserve their own special description but I am exhausted and you will have to trust me that they are full of incredible investing wisdom and ideas for what’s next. You would be insane not to find the time.

Here is the Roger episode of IA Ventures (Trade Desk, Data Dog, Transferwise)…

Here is Sean Park a co founder of Anthemis Ventures (Betfair, Weatherbill)…

And here is Ed Sim founder of Boldtart Ventures (Kustomer, Snyk, Superhuman)…

All of these guys have invested through a few panics and continue writing checks through this crisis.