From Techstars to Filtrbox to Jive Software to IPO…Magic

In November of 2008, I was introduced to @arinewman the founder of Filtrbox, a Techstars company. I loved the product, the team was great, the price was right and I invested.

The world was coming to an end and so it would be cool to have it all organized by them :) .

I was starting Stocktwits so I was a very passive board member. Ari and team made a lot of magic happen in a very short period of time and were acquired by Jive Software.

Today Filtrbox is part of a thriving Jive Software ecosystem in the exploding space of collaboration and social software solutions for the enterprise, a fresh IPO $JIVE, the capital to make a lasting impact and a bunch of happy investors. The technology of Filtrbox has been integral at Jive and has also come full circle.

You stay in the game long enough so you can keep swinging and sometimes magic happens.

It’s thrilling and fulfilling but today it’s back to money management.


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