Frontline Ltd. (FRO) on Wallstrip…Runaway Trends Continue..Oil, Metals, Agriculture…Where they Stop NOBODY KNows

Too many people calling for tops in Gold, Oil, Euro, other metals and Agriculture.

Combines with their strength and basic momentum, they are busting out to new highs all over the place.

The railroads are doing the same thing.

Today, we take a look at Frontline (FRO) on Wallstrip. Brian also takes a look at the technicals for the stock:

None of these areas are sexy, easy to understand, or fun to own (even though they are since they go up every day), but the trends show no signs of impending doom, other than the fact that they have just kept going up. That’s always the worst reason to short.

We are all guilty of this inclsuing me so if you want to countertrend trade and invest, you must stay extra disciplined.

I continue to do less. The market is getting MORE, not less tricky