Before I get into a mini rant, I will share this video Rachel made with me this evening. Since Rachel was a kid I have told her that white Good & Plenty taste different than the pink ones. It drives her nuts. She is adamant that they are the exact same.


I get frustrated all the time.

I get frustrated trying to fix a flat when I am stuck far from home on my bike.

I was golfing today and shanked a 7 iron. Its almost impossible to shank a golf ball. Color me frustrated.

The markets rarely frustrate me but the players do. I invest and trade assuming the markets are rigged…because they are.

I will never get over the frustration that there were no banker perp walks after the financial crisis.

Right now it seems that everyone is cheating, from bullshit ICO’s to Chris Collins insider trading (and using campaign funds to pay his legal bills).

Elon Musk is complaining about the stock market which he has used to help his stock go from less than $1 billion to $65 billion. I should be so frustrated.

To cope, I have just been selling down stocks in general because I hate being part of this game/experiment when I am this frustrated with the players.

Cash is a good frustration reliever for me. The markets will be here for my capital when I am less frustrated.