FUCK TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), We Need H.A.R.P., W.I.M.N.R.P, P.S.S.R.P…Read On

As our money flows out the back door of our government in ever increasing, dumb and secretive ways, I think it is time to put the crisis in a little perspective. Why are the financial companies getting all the money, if any, especially in the no holds barred fashion to date.

From what I have quickly been reading from around the web on our StimuLESS Financial Package (of Dung) that our US Congress is completing, none of the money is going to the following causes:

1. H.A.R.P – Healthcare Asshat Relief Program. Our healthcare system is run by crooks and asshats. You can have a great job and great insurance and pay pay pay IN until you are blue in the face, but still have a nervous breakdown or go broke if you get truly sick.

2. W.I.M.N.R.P – ‘Dude a Walmart moved Into My Neighborhood Relief Program’. Hear me out…Should your local Jimmy’s Pizza, Betty Barber’s or Lou’s Sub’s and Gasoline, be put on welfare because a Walmart full of illegal aliens came within 20 miles of your business. In our quest for cheap ammunition, polyester and Blue Ray DVD’s, we have destroyed the corner store and the small business people that are not prepared to deal with the Walmart Tsunami.

3. P.S.S.R.P – My Public School Sucks Relief Program. If my kid needs to be searched for weapons in his/her local public school everyday, I should get PSSRP funding to send my kids to private school somewhere.

I am sure there are many other and better uses for TARP funds in our everyday struggles. Luckily, I don’t need any of these, but please contribute to the list of possibilities.