Funniest Twitter Moments…

One of my most popular ‘messages’ on Twitter and Stocktwits was a year or so back when I was heading into $YHOO headquarters and ‘tweeted’:

‘Heading into $YHOO, the Detroit of the internet.’

Some pretty smart Yahoo peeps let me know how much they liked it.

That said, it’s always risky talking about companies because of the context.

They say that HUMOR = ANGUISH + TIME.

Guessing the time though is like picking stock market tops and bottoms. You better have a lot of money and expect to be lonely.

I was sitting at home with the family during the San Diego blackout last week firing off silly messages into the ether with a #sandiegopoweroutage and had no idea what was really going on around me. I can look outside for my information locally, not Twitter.

I happen to be on some San Diego and Coronado lists though and one of my ‘tweets’ happened to fall into the timeline immediately after Coronado’s wannabe mayor Barbara Denny (hopefully she has no chance…a real misery).

The local papers all picked it up and so I have some answering to do at the next city meeting (CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW TO ENLARGE).

A magical and hilarious twitter moment for me.


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