Gaiam (GAIA) on Wallstrip…It's a Spiritual Thing!

I am long Gaiam (GAIA). It is cooking/schvitzing of late. I have been blogging for a long time about the intersection of the yoga/spiritual lifestyle and the stock market .

Here is the Google Finance page . Here is their website .

We first checked in with my buddy Ian on the Wallstrip tour through Phoenix where I cranked out a few ‘Down Dogs’:

Steve Case was wise enough to put ome serious dough to work in Gaiam back in 2005 .

The space is really heating up now that LULU Lemon had such a hot IPO:

The stock has sprinted higher recently so maybe a pullback would be a better time to buy if you are interested. Brian guides you through the mystical world of technical analysis on Gaiam to try and help:


  1. Howard,

    Loved the Wallstrip episode. This is one of my favorite stocks of all time just because you can feel good owning it. They make great stuff and they’re environmentally friendly if you overlook the fact that they send you 10 catalogues a week.


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