Gaiam – The 800 Pound Gorilla in Yoga?

It seems like that to me. I have put the stock in my portfolio today and expect to be in this one for a while.

It’s thin, expensive, a dollar off an all-time high and maybe not a market at all, but I am a believer in the space. So is Steve Case in Gaiam’s case. I started pondering it in April 2006 and it’s up 20 percent now . No biggie.

Here is the Google Finance page . The Lulu Lemon IPO has brought much attention to the space. I think it’s for real.

The acquisition of brings approximately 200,000 potential spiritual and yoga fanatics into the brand . I want to be with the leader in this niche space and the CEO seems very aggressive and confident he will do it.

Disclosure – Long Gaiam


  1. aaron says:

    I’m not disagreeing with Gaiam, but I like VFC getting into the space with acquisition of Lucy. Lucy has its own 50 stores, a strong brand, and ability to grow stores and brand via VFC backing. Stock’s been knocked down recently, but they have very solid management, unbelievable distribution, and the best sourcing. For what it’s worth, I also like VFC’s simultaneous acquisition of Seven for All Mankind (denim brand).

    Disclosure: VFC is a licensee of the company for which I work.

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