Garmin leads the GPS brat pack.

I love this trend because it is quickly becoming ubiquitous. I am long Garmin and have written about the company, the products and the trend quite often on my blog.

Garmin, Trimble, Navteq, Lojack, Tom-Tom are big players. Obviously, Google, Microsoft and the handset players are integral to the trends continuation. Sirf Technologies (SIRF) is a component (chip) play in the field.

Today’s Wallstrip show focuses on Garmin and GeoCaching. I have no idea why GeoCaching is a craze, seems silly to me. Here is the “Official GLOBAL GPS Cache Hunt Site.” OY! As a believer though, I hope this craze continues.

I am all about the technology becoming cheaper and easier to use and therefore more embedded in our lives. Garmin is a great brand in this exploding sector.

The leadership will likely change often and the maneuvering is fast and high staked.

Just yesterday, Navteq purchased for a paltry $179 million.

With any fast growing sector comes major stock volatility. Garmin is no exception. I give the stock and trend a wide berth and keep my position size smaller so as not to be scared out during the inevitable bumps. I think this trend and stock has legs, but don’t know who the inevitable winner will be.

Disclosure – Long Garmin and NVT

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