So I had a nice/lucky sale of Garmin and swap into Trimble last week for a win/win .

Now Garmin is down over $20 bucks and below $100 on the Navteq/Nokia merger. I am adding some of the Garmin back I sold at $118. Market looks to be panicking here. Nokia could buy Garmin and tie up the whole industry.

I am also ringing the register on more of my long time Amazon holding.

Lot’s of new breakouts that I have been taking lately so it just seems prudent.

Disclosure- Long, Garmin, Amazon, Navteq and Trimble


  1. ragin cajun says:

    Great sale on GRMN.

    As for your twitter comment on GOOG. Everyone hates it when your #1. My feelings are mutual, I looooooovvee them. BTW, My Goog options are working out great up 700% in a matter of weeks.

    I also replied to your recent comment, go back to my blog and check it out. lol.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    yes and I linked to your post…no?

    in a bull market, thinking costs you money. Actually a bear market too :)

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