General Partner at Operator Partners and Angel investor Zach Weinberg Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss the Future of Healthcare and BioTech

Today I had the pleasure of hosting Zach Weinberg on my podcast.

The details of the conversation are below but quickly, Zach is an incredible entrepreneur and now investor at just the age of 34. He and his partner Nat Turner built two great companies, selling the first to Google, then taking Google capital for the second to build Flatiron Health which Roche bought for $2 billion. Now they are prolific investors.

Zach joined me to talk about the journey and some of his favorite public companies, Google and Shopify. They are two of my faves as well.

I guarantee you will enjoy this podcast and it will help you be a better investor. You can listen to it here on Spotify or Apple, but please read on below for more on Zach and the episode.

Guest: Zach Weinberg

Profile: General Partner at Operator Partners, Angel investor

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Fun Fact: Zach doesn’t just invest in healthcare-related companies – he’s also a bar owner!

What’s the Panic About:

I’ve conversed with a lot of impressive people on this podcast, but Zach Weinberg really made me nod my head a lot and smile. Zach’s made some incredibly smart investing moves in his life, and he’s only 34 years old. He is a grade-A hustler, habitual entrepreneur and prolific angel investor. Zach and his business partner Nat Turner sold their second start-up venture, an advertising technology company called Invite Media, to Google for $81 million in 2010. Their next move was into the healthcare sector, building then selling their data and software company Flatiron Health to Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche for $2 billion in 2018. Flatiron Health, founded in 2012, makes software that pools patient data from electronic health rec­ords for cancer treatment centers. Zach was the company’s co-founder, president and COO. He oversaw research, product, engineering and recruiting initiatives. He’s currently invested in over 30 tech startups throughout the U.S. In this episode, Zach and I chat about his backstory, healthcare, biotech research, connecting with founders, Google, Shopify, education and more. Enjoy!

The Takeaway:

We’re moving faster and making discoveries at a rate no one has really seen before. This signalling matters – there are huge opportunities in sectors like healthcare, biotech and education in the next couple years that we should be paying attention to.

Favorite Quotes:

“As the Internet grows, Google grows.”

“When you hit a certain level of success, it’s hard to find other people to confide in.”

“I believe Facebook is the equivalent of digital cigarettes.”

“How fast can we make the world a better place?”

Food for Thought:

Back in 2018, Zach tweeted out some advice explaining that 90% of his job is asking these 3 questions: What’s the goal? Is this important and worth your/our time? And is someone paying?

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