'Generational Bottom'..The New 'Bubble'

Not much independent thinking going on in America these days.

We are all caught up in the rant, the replies to the rants and the replies to the replies to the rants.

Lately, I am hearing the term ‘Generational Bottom’ which is as dumb a term as ‘Bubble’.

If indeed it is a Generational Bottom, I am happy to miss the first 50-100 percent of the up move in the markets and prices, because…a generation is a serious long time. If you use that term, I don’t trust you.

I would rather pay up 50 percent for this market when 700,000 jobs /month are not being lost.

I will buy stocks when I see a thick list of stocks on the all-time high list.

That does not make me a bear, as I am starting to get called. Not too many angel investors have been as active as me.

I am skeptical of the stock market ALWAYS, because few have made ‘Generational Wealth’ from it other than Paulson, Geithner or the rest of the criminal cocks#&#%kers running the casino at the present time. They are still in charge, so pardon me if I mostly watch and urge caution at this point. Those that did make ‘Generational Wealth’ in an honest way from the stock market did so by riding trends and not calling tops and bottoms.

In the meantime, as I pointed out in February and will point out again by relinking to what I think is the most important chart I could find of what COULD happen , you get some serious rallies and mini bull runs, after the sickening rolling 12 month returns we had through February 2009.

I caught a great move three weeks ago from the beach which I blogged. I am now back in the skeptical camp and want some serious ‘show me’ price action and all-time highs. If we get them, there will be plenty of money to be made. Always has been that way.


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