Get a Room…on Stocktwits

I’ve spent the week working out of the Stocktwits office as I was in town for the board meeting.

It has been fun catching up with the team and meeting the new employees.

Stocktwits is nearly 10 years old. I can’t believe how time flies.

Yesterday, Stocktwits launched ‘Rooms‘.

Rooms is a chat platform that empowers people to invest and trade better by developing personalized communities.

Why Rooms?

Our moderated streams and colorful community feature amazing content, but we’ve also heard your comments about certain types of noise. Rooms reduces the clutter and unwanted content, incorporating your feedback and feature requests for a quieter, more enriching experience. Instead of seeing everything, you’ll only find what you’re looking for on your first try, every time. It’s the StockTwits you know and love, just for you and people like you.

Rooms is a chat platform like no other that empowers StockTwits users to create new communities based on shared interests, specific stocks, or trends affecting the markets. Best of all, it’s built entirely from the communities feedback.

Feedback has been amazing and sign ups for rooms (and room creations) has exploded. Rooms will go fully live on August 31.

I am proud of the team Ian has been building and the product Justin led the team to build.

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