Get Discovered on the Stocktwits Platform

Using The StockTwits Platform will increase your audience (to the financial world where it counts) by 21% or more and this number is growing with every content partner we add.

Whether you are posting trades, charts or links to your content, sending messages directly from, The StockTwits Desktop, or StockTwits Mobile Apps will ensure that you get more real time distribution and a broader viewership from over 33 million unique visitors monthly across our content partnership sites.

The time is now to tap into the power of StockTwits and be seen directly on CNNMoney, Yahoo Finance, Bing Finance (NEW – ) and Bloomberg and many more financially focused partners onboarding right now. If you originate your message on Twitter it will show up on Stocktwits but not be pushed through to our partners above due to terms of use rules. Of course, you can still push your messages from Stocktwits to Twitter like always.

By March, we will have many more features requested by our community to enhance the messaging and consumption of financial content and the data it can provide.

Also stay tuned for more original combinations of filtering, user combinations and subject matter.


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  2. Wow Howard its so great to see Stocktwits on these Major Finance sites….Didnt know you guys were on CNNmoney and Bloomberg. Wow this is great. Keep up the great job down over @stocktwits.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    now that’s an impressive resume. Wonder if there’s any interest in someone following the penny stock and Canadian markets at all.

  5. Xpop2027 says:


    I instant message my tweets and they go onto the ST network, but not the partners. Does ST have an AIM where I can tweet to them so it goes to the partners as well?


      • Xpop2027 says:

        Thank you,

        does/will ST have an AIM acct where I can IM my tweet to the platform? cant have ST desktop up due to space issues.

        thanks again

  6. John McLaughlin, StockCoach says:

    StockTwits – THE investor, swing and day trader home for the real time take on all financial instruments and markets.

  7. John McLaughlin, StockCoach says:

    Hi Howard – I suggest adding Google+ and Pinterest social sites, adding to the 3 we have now, to share ideas.

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