Getting Off Margin into Earnings Season…

Oh man – the bears are just getting rinsed and cleansed. They need to for this market to really start going down. The other thing this market will need to go down is – BAD NEWS THAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT. It is absolutely giddy out there in stockland. MOOD is what matters.

All that said –

I am still a net seller every day until I get off margin. Just a little everyday here into the middle of January.

I want to enjoy every last leveraged second of this global melt-up since the summer, but let’s be real. I am not a computer and some of these runs are goofy.

I was scooting around the blogosphere this morning at my fave stock blog sites and THE FLY had an interesting post about Akamai. No one believes in Akamai more than me (maybe FLY), but the story is pretty much out. No doubt the institutions can now move this stock to $100, but they can knife this thing to $30 on a whiff of bad news.

It is an age old story – great margins attract competition and those margins slowly go away. Oh and the Akamai Patents you say…GREAT – I can’t invest in the law firms! Trends are great, but money management is still the order of the day to achieving wealth.

My two favorite TIMELY tech stories remain Apple and GPS leader Garmin. If the market continues to rally into earnings – these tech stocks leaders will chug higher. Garmin is really poised..

Disclosure – Long Akamai (net seller), Long Apple and Long Garmin


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