Global Warming, Wallstrip and AL GORE

I have been running the numbers on global warming and I think that it hurts internet usage and therefore Wallstrip

People will spend more time outside.

This and $210 million to Nardelli?

There is one answer: Gore in 2008.

An “apathetic” rightwinger no more! You are so lucky I can’t vote!


  1. Andy Swan says:

    My analysis shows a different result Howard. Your best shows have pretty much all be shot outside, on the street(except the Smith and Wesson one!)

    If it gets hot enough, you’ll just have to put more of the “strip” in Wallstrip…like in the RAD edition out in Cali.

    Global warming means more rad report dudes, more outdoor “on the street” editions and more golf. Hopefully the sun continues to cooperate.

    Looking forward to Global Warming Week on Wallstrip–but forget about the played-out “how to be more green”—instead focus on the makers of suntan lotion, air conditioners, ice cream and swimming pools. Let’s stay positive!

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