Go Apple

Some nice growth and market share number speculations today .

The September 5th show could be interesting .

The new Apple keyboard is insanely comfortable. Bought my kids the new imac and have now upgraded 4 keyboards as well. It’s like typing in butter.

Disclosure – Long Apple


  1. Jason Liske says:

    I second the keyboard lovelyness. I ordered as soon as they came out and bought a few for some of my clients. Soft like a laptop, but spacious and overall, just better. Paradigm shift in keyboards, just like the iPhone is to cell phones.

  2. mrkcbill says:

    Maybe Steve Jobs can get Barbara Streisand to do some marketing “Like Butter”.

    For me I’m strictly a LOGI guy.

  3. Gio says:

    I orded the new 24″ imac Aug. 8 at the Apple Store. They said it would ship Aug. 9, 2 days later I recieved an email telling me it would’nt ship till Sept. 16 how did all you people get your mac so sone???

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