Go Forward….

All this ‘go back’ rhetoric is so infuriating. It is childish. It is dangerous.

It’s also not the future. The USA is going to move forward and those cheering ‘go back’ will be left screaming at Twitter and their televisions when the pendulum swings hard sometime soon.

Like Fred Wilson, I am for immigration full stop. Of course I am biased as an immigrant myself.

I prefer to live in the future and ‘go forward’, though I too seem to get dragged back when I open Twitter these days. Thank goodness I don’t watch television.

I hope ‘go forward’ becomes a campaign slogan for Kamala or Elizabeth as they set out to beat Fat Nixon.

I feel it is only Elizabeth or Kamala who can just go toe to toe and yell right back at Fat Nixon and push his buttons.

This will be one hell of an election and I am starting to believe Fat Nixon is a one termer.