Go Ticketfly….Inventory and The Web is Always a Good Opportunity

The team at Ticketfly.com has been killing it since they started but starting to get some real recognition.

My fund and Social Leverage have been backers from the beginning as disclosure.

I have had good success with early investments surrounding inventory and the web, first by no skills of my own (Rent.com ), than by learning from that success Golfnow.com (purchased by Comcast), Limos.com and now Ticketfly.com.

In their own words, Ticketfly is ‘a next-generation ticketing and marketing company from the first folks to sell event tickets online‘.

They have not been at it too long on this go around, but were just named a ‘Top 10 Innovative Music Company ‘ by Fast Company and have been landing big accounts .

Andrew and Dan believed there would be huge fallout from the Ticketmaster/Live Nation conglomerate and it is happening. Good on them.

There is fallout everywhere from the conglomerate mergers and web startups everywhere are feasting.

There are pilot fish and Great White Sharks in the ocean and if you know where you sit in the food chain, you can survive and thrive.

Now go swim.

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