Goff – without the "L" – I really miss Ted Knight

Last year at this time, my buddies Tom, Ian and I headed to Ireland for 7 days of golf. I have been on many “boys” trips, but it was the sweetest. My 40th birthday to boot.

Here are my favorite pictures. Tom’s Irish buddy Joe, near 70, was the toughest dude I have ever met. This guy was carrying a HERNIA around the course. When he swung, we all felt the pain. We had to look away from Joe at impact. NOBODY would subject themselves to that pain to play golf in America. Tom just got back from visiting him again and says all is good. Sweet.





This year I am headed to Bandon Dunes with some friends for my 41st which they say is “THE ” American Golf destination – in Oregon.

Looks like Ireland without the long flight. At 41 years of age, that is a pretty exciting feature :)



  1. Robert Bruce says:

    Good luck baby. I never hit the links but have buddies who do Bandon every year… they cry when talking of it.

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