Gofffffff without the 'L" and without the PROFITS!

Talk about an industry in despair.

Eddie is doing just that at the GolfNow blog. I sent him a few articles this weekend and he put together a great post on the woeful state of the business of golf for the manufacturers.

I saw the new squarehead drivers that Callaway and Nike are offering up. They are turds. If Tiger were to win 10 tournies in a row with a square driver – no one will switch. The technology is in the shaft these days and if you can swing a club, that’s where you will tweak your game. The GolfBlog is reporting that Taylor made is avoiding this marketing and product fiasco .

Even Nike will suffer in the golf industry this year. Tiger winning, while great, is rather boring already for consumers.

Also – I totally dig the Adidas golf apparel. They have nailed it the last three years.

Something not in need of repair is Keri at GolfNow.tv. Oy. Check her out today. I asked the guys to buy her the blouse in every color.


  1. Andy Swan says:

    Howard you have dashed my hopes of being able to buy a game. I thought a square-head driver would match the head I have on my neck nicely…I guess it’s back to the range with the equipment I have :(

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