Gold on Wallstrip

What does the “Executive Producer” of Wallstrip do?

Not much – trust me. I email Adam and Jeff ideas for shows and than add a few impossible angles to the shows that we have agreed to “put on the board”.

Today – Lindsay’s gold tooth was my idea. Love it! Hot :) .


I have been dying to do a show on gold. I am glad we did not fire off a show with Gold at $700. I was selling. Lucky in hindsight.

I wish we would have fired off a show at the summer implosion down to $560 where I was buying again. I would have looked smart. Rare indeed.

With Gold in no man’s land these days ($620 ish), there has never been a better time to take a step back and look at the “yellow metal.”

When it comes to metals, gold is what the public talks about. Copper? Zinc? Nickel? Ugly stepchildren to the media.

I read two people on the subject of Gold – Don Coxe (great canadian research writer for BMO Nesbitt Burns) and Bill Cara. Bill is always linking to Don’s podcasts and research so if you want to stay up to date on the metal on a regular basis, Bill’s blog is a great read.

My opinion on the metal is not important – let’s look at what the bloggers are thinking:

Bill Rempel – Nice piece. Yes I am long gold stocks Bill.

Avalon Trading – a futures market trading perspective.

The Buttonwood Speculator.

Barry Ritholtz – The Big Picture – recently looked at Gold.

Eddy – always something smart to say. Here he adds to Barry’s post.

Last but not least for now is Jeff Matthews.

Disclosure – Long gold and silver stocks – none mentioned in today’s Wallstrip show.

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