Goldman Sachs New Expert Network…’Deposition and Testimony’ …and This Election Has Made Me Political….

I am an immigrant to the USA. The USA is the best.

I think I am a good citizen.

I went to school here, I work here, I invest here.

I pay my taxes, I hate lawyers and Goldman Sachs like everyone else.

I am addicted to sugar.

I take pills.

I love risk and choice.

I have never really cared about an election or politics. I cringe at the discussions I have read over the years on Twitter and Facebook. When you get into politics its binary and you will be wrong.

Yet, here I am bashing Trump everyday and not Hillary.

I don’t have a full explanation of why I would vote for Hillary. I am at best a right wing democrat and she is none of that.

She is a career politician and I don’t think we need that to keep America great.

She is 70 which I personally think is too old to start out as President (I guess I am an ageist).

She’s so in bed with Wall Street it is sickening. How bad is Wall Street and Goldman Sachs? …the CEO of the biggest Company in the world (Tim Cook) calls Goldman’s CEO when he needs advice on testifying before Congress. What a lovely legacy.

Neither candidate can figure out the Global Economy.

But, I am 50 and I really care. I don’t know how we let 18 year old vote to be honest with all the poison and noise to wade through. If they can vote, we might as well let them drink.

There is definitely something very wrong with the American voting system and it is over my pay grade to solve.

For the record, I hope Trump finishes the campaign, completes the debates and gets his ass handed to him. I am glad he has wrecked the Republican party and if he did thanks. It needed wrecking. Al the 17 candidates were bad. I am an Alex P. Keaton raised Republican in Canada.

What makes me believe most Trump is an awful candidate for our leadership is that if both candidates switched sides today, Hillary would run away with the presidency.

Sorry for all the opinions the last few months, but with 90 days to go I now can just sit back and watch and drop the subject from this blog.

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