Goldman Sachs…A Historic Day for Capital Markets

A very interesting/exciting day indeed. Google, Goldman Sachs, China, and the Dow/S&P are at all-time highs.

Oil and Gold are pretty much there as well.

Shipping companies too.

It also ‘feels’ that EVERYBODY is short. The bears think what we are seeing can’t be happening. Wasn’t Goldman Sachs (GS) just bailing themselves out almost 80 points ago (August) to be exact. Wasn’t Blackstone a laughingstock (now up 40 percent since August). Google was at a laughable $480 in August as well, on it’s way to $200 because all the mortgage ad spammers were broke. I could link, but why embarass all the cocktail smartypants.

To me, today’s action signifies the true upside of a SHRUNK and FLAT world. We are truly there and benefiting from the goodness of it.

Marketing “Guru” Seth Godin offers FREE insight into what’s happening today in the internet world and it’s better than ANY ANALYST on Wall Street. He also sums it up by way of a freaking blogpost, not a 50 page document filled with data. Read it.

If you are short/bear though you better be considering that this bull may just be getting started. You really need to start considering some outside the box thinking…you have been wrong for way too long.

If you are a BULL like me – I am a half full – respect that a FLAT/SHRUNK world also has a downside. Don’t get giddy or greedy, this BULL is no different than the last BULL. It ends.