Golf – The L is for Lindzon


I hit a perfect 8 iron yesterday on hole 17 at SDCC. It was a shot that I won’t forget and my partner Mike Hodges was there to watch it and draw it up for me. As he was drawing the shot out for me, he must have been laughing as it called for a high fade (I don’t fade the ball or hit it high), through a sliver of trees, to an elevated green and a back right pin, guarded by a nasty deep bunker along the right side of the green.

On the tee box at 14 yesterday, I was 1 over par. Rare air for me. By the tee at 17 I was 5 over and now in the trees. Unglued. My best score at SDCC is 77, but today would have been much sweeter with tournament pins and greens running fast and every putt to be holed.

I probably should have chipped out, but I decided to try the shot. I swung, the ball started high, found blue sky and started to cut. It really started to cut…it kept cutting and landed softly about 8 fit from the pin. We bumped, had our high fives and I proceeded to miss the putt. But, that’s not the point. I also made par on the most difficult 18 for a 77. The shot into 18 was the best hybrid shot of my life as well (missed the 8 footer).

I hit two shots that a pro would have applauded.

I love golf.