Golf…The ‘L’ is for Lindzon

I am witnessing a turning point in my son Max’s life. He is taking hard to the game of golf. For thirteen years I have thought about him liking, maybe loving the game.

I have wrestled with how hard to push, teach, get teachers, force practice, play etc…but in the end, just a growth spurt, some extra maturity and the hook was set. No tricks.

I was watching him carry his bag for a quick 7 holes today. His first adult set of clubs, loaded with technology from grip to blades and balls.

I have mostly left him to learn the game by himself. I took lessons early as I was not patient enough to just grip it and rip it and my parents who did not grow up around the game settled for getting me lessons early and often. Today, my swing works, but it’s an effective mechanical mess.

I have had enough lessons to know how a golf swing can be screwed before it gets the chance to just be.

With Max, I have focused on the fundamentals of posture, alignment and attacking (chasing he ball) down the line. The Grip I will leave to a professional and we are finally at a point where how he connects to the club will take him to the next level. (click photo to enlarge)

My pal @craigLauer was nice enough to catch me shooting Max on hole 9 at Coronado, a short par 3 (over water). Max juiced a 6 iron 133 yards to within 8 feet with the cameras clicking (a 3 jack from there cost him some drinks).

I have long believed the the basic fundamentals combined with a repetitive pre-shot routine would help Max find the right repeatable swing and would help Max enjoy the game enough to the point where he was ready for lessons. He is almost there and starts his golf school tryouts this week.

I believe that the only things that will change in the picture gong forward is the color of the tee box. Max should be quickly moving to the tips.

$NKE shoes and clothes, $UA shirts, Taylor Made Metals (Adidas) , Titleist balls, iPhone 5 for posting Instagrams, talking to friends and recording stats have a lock down for the most part as the dominant brands of the game.

I am very excited to see his love and respect for the game kick into gear. I am further excited that the basic fundamentals could bring him so far and so fast. As my daughter Rachel gets stronger I am now more confident in the roadmap.

Should be a great year of progress.