Golf ?

I have not picked up a stick in 6 weeks now. That truly may be a record for me.

I have not even thought about golf since my Bandon Dunes birthday bash.

It has been spectacular weather here as well. It’s stupid.

I was not really conscious of it until I checked in on one of my investments GolfNow . I was excited to see that we have opened Atlanta. Trader Mike has no more reasons to avoid Golf. I know it ia a cheap thing, but our prices are wicked :) .

New Mexico is also up on the map. I like that we are finally starting to blog. This link to Charles Barkley on YouTube is classic stuff.


  1. Michael says:

    If & when I do start playing I just hope my swing is better than Barley’s. His swing looks painful!

  2. Andy says:

    Love that guy though. Would play with him anyday. Not everyone can be a tiger look-alike like you Howard.

  3. marc says:

    GolfNow has a nice rate for Robinson Ranch at 1.50pm tomorrow for $45 but to claim it as “47% off” doesn’t take into consideration that you’re playing “twilight” … which gets you a discounted rate already.

    I like those discounted tee-time services. I just think there needs to be more “truth in advertising” on some of those rates. Twilight on their site is $59….a savings of only 23% (not including the transaction fee if any.)

    I like the service…just my two cents.

  4. Mike says:

    Howard, you are spoiled living in AZ. Many more possilbe golf days than most of the US and your wasting them. Get out there. you never know who will be playing.

  5. Brett says:


    I wanted to thank you for alerting us to the pricing issue at Robinson Ranch. We strive to provide the most accurate pricing available at and we have made the correct changes. In addition to making the changes we have added a FREE round of golf to your account at Golfnow and you can redeem it by logging into the Rewards section of the website the next time you want to book a round of golf.

    Happy Golfing!

    The Team

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