Golfing with A VC…Fred lost how many balls…?

A blow off day for me today. Kinda like China stocks last week :) ?

My friend Fred Wilson was in town and we headed out to my friend Brad’s most luxurious course at Silverleaf.

It was 75 and sunny – almost New York weather.

Most suprisingly, Fred has some game for a crackberry/workaholic. No phone or email for 5 hours seemed harder for me, though I ran four birdies down his throat. I would trade the birdies for his stakes in Feedburner, Tacoda, Etsy and…… No dice.

Fred did have one kick in birdie and some great shots. GUESS HOW MANY LOST BALLS FOR A PRIZE? :)

Fred headed off to that awful college game tonight and I soaked in the tub and shvitz. Looks like I won on the course and the evening plans.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    Hint – waaaay off on zero :)

    he does not read this blog so we dont have to be embarrased about your guesses :)

  2. andy says:

    Guess is that Fred lost 0 balls. Something about you on a golf course without the berry makes me wonder if there is some sort of distortion in the space-time continuem

  3. fred says:

    had to be 7 or 8 lost balls. two each on two consecutive holes right around lunch.

    but after lunch kicked in, i stopped losing balls and made a nice string of pars.

    and i do read this blog :)

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