to Comcast…Happy Days

I used to blog about my love of golf and my investment in all the time. I so love internet yield management businesses . It was my Golfnow investment, despite it’s revenue and profitability focused model, that got me knee deep in web 2.0 thinking :) . Brett and Frank let me build out their web 2.0 community after I bugged them enough.

It is an amazing site built by Frank Halpin and Brett Darrow. They are still in charge.

I worked so freaking hard after I invested that it’s hard to just stop calling Brett anymore (Frank stopped taking my calls back in 2006 and Brett now actually loops me through Comcast customer service). There is so much growth ahead for this amazing yield management tool, that even Comcast can’t wreck it (I kid the cable behemoth).

We had Amy Banse on Wallstrip back in 2007. She runs Comcast Interactive. She’s a smart cookie. Although we have never met I had asked Lindsay and the team to subliminally play a GolfNow mantra in the background during the shoot. It worked…bigtime! It may be why the media bigshots are shying away from the interview segments on Wallstrip of late – they know I have other companies to sell :) . You can hide, but you can’t run!