– biased but impressed

I am really happy with the coming launch of I am officially starting to get the word out today. If you are a golf fanatic and/or like prizes you will like the format of the show.

I have been hounding the team to get a community launched around the avid customers. Once you book a tee time through us, you are hooked. The tough part has been done. We have hundreds of thousands of customers coming to our site for tee times. We send out tee time specials to golfers in over 30 markets each morning. The show is simple and has a built in audience. I like the design as well. They have incorporated some cool community building tools from KickApps. Thanks to Fred and Bijan for the leads and introductions to speed the process.

They are incorporating many of the ideas I have shared and learned from my experiences and that feels great. I wish they had launched before Wallstrip, so that I could have gleaned some stuff from them first (cheaper for me and my partners), but that’s life!

Check it out and check back in on January 22nd. Your advice and thoughts are always appreciated.

Disclosure – Long (investor)


  1. Mark says:

    Great! First gotta watch Wallstrip everyday, then gota watch Golfnow, she-at,
    I’ll be the savviest duffer on the links!

    One aside: and you’re production guys already know this, but the prompter for Golfnow needs to be above or below the
    camera to avoid the “shifty eyes.”

  2. John says:

    Mark – Through the lens prompter is on the way and the “shifty eye” problem should be corrected ASAP.

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