Gone Fishing….

I’m headed off fishing today in Miami with my friends Jim and Micah.

I came to Miami for Micah’s 36th and 37th birthday (fuck COVID) and so far I’ve missed one of the fun nights because I was wearing flip flops and ‘Kiki’s On The River’ has ‘rules’ about flip flops.

Anyhoo, Micah is having a blast and that is all that matters.

In preparation for my day at sea, last night I had a steak with Koyfin founder Rob Koyfman (he has just moved to South Beach) and I treated his newborn son Archie to his first Wagyu…

I have a bit of a food coma this morning as I mixed four desserts.

Funny backstory on how I met Micah and Jim…

Back in January, I was minding my own business in the Silverleaf locker room after a round with my son Max when I got a DM from Micah who was a guest of Jim’s that day at Silverleaf as well. Jim was asking the concierge at the club to ring football legend ‘Howie Long’ (also a member) and when she opened the address book for them to get his number, they noticed my name above his so Micah decided to DM me. Since I was at the club I came upstairs to say hello and have a drink (or 3) and the rest is friend history.

Micah the millennial cracks me up. I was recently on Jim O’Shaughnessy’s podcast telling the story of our day at the Phoenix this year (Max, Micah, Jim and I) and how Micah was staring at his iPhone buying and selling NBA Top Shots. Micah actually listened to the podcast and created this short video of himself listening to the part of the podcast about himself. Have a listen here…it is hysterical.

I’m looking forward to my day at sea with my buddies.