Good Morning From Pebble Beach

This morning I get to play Pebble Beach. It has been over 20 years.

I am staying at The Lodge which is a great setup for the week. So much history.

One of Paul’s friends (who organized the trip for his 70th birthday) tested positive for COVID before boarding his flight yesterday, so my son Max got the early text from Paul and I yesterday to get his ass over to Pebble Beach.

Max arrived late last night from UNLV and so it will be fun to walk the course and play with him this morning.

I think he is more nervous than me.

I asked my followers yesterday what they thought I would shoot and if I could par the 18th as a parlay…the over under line came in at 92 with a resounding no on me making par on 18. The answers were great and click here to read them.

I walked over to 18 yesterday to walk the hole and it really is spectacular:

Hoping to break 85.

Have a great day.