Good Morning Stocktwits TV

I have no idea in the real/final direction of Stocktwits TV , but we do expect major truthiness, discolsure and accountability. I don’t watch CNBC because it’s a ticker with a talking head. The ticker was irrelevant more than 30 years ago and the talking heads make no real sense and have no real dollars on the line.

On Stocktwits TV we will focus on our ‘Human Ticker’ that carries real ideas, from real people in real time. It should be fun to analyze trades and ideas as they come through plus questions from the community.

I am open to all ideas and data that we should be presenting, but mainly it will be banter amongst real traders and a lot of dead air.

In essence, Stocktwits TV is a work in progress where the community is the host.

I hope you keep sharing your ideas in the comments…