Good Reads and A Good Watch

I binge watched ‘The Spy‘ on Netflix today because it is 110 degrees outside. I thought it was really good.

This Bloomberg piece on ‘Battle of The Bubbles‘ was a good read. I thought Lacroix/$FIZZ would be a good short back in 2017 when I wrote ‘Plop Plop Fizz Fizz‘ and I should have taken the trade as the stock has plummeted from $105 to $40.

It is hard to build a moat in seltzer water.

This Professor Galloway post on Walmart banning guns is dead on in my opinion.

Walmart accomplished what we’d hope for from our elected leaders. Striking a balance, threading the needle between constituencies, and crafting a solution that hopefully prevents more tragedies of the commons. Reaching a solution that likely reduces future massacres and reflects the will of the majority of Americans — access to guns, but not weapons of war, by law-abiding citizens after a background check.

Doug McMillon and Donald Trump walk into a bar. One acts presidential, the other is president.

Walmart is now at all-time highs.

Have a great Sunday.