Good Web… Bad Web

Before I get started…remember the benefits of stretching:


I love the world wide web.

One of the greatest products of the World Wide Web is WordPress which has powered this blog since 2006.

Today, they are 15 years old.

They power 30 percent of the top websites on the web.

I wish they were a public company. I would own the stock.

The stock chart would look a lot like $WIX, which smartly (business wise at least) built a platform for the masses to build websites…

I remember going to all the WordPress events back in 2005 and 2006 as I was getting into blogging. Matt, the founder was a teenager.

WordPress is the good web.

The last few days my inbox has been filled with GDPR messages about privacy policies, because of all the abuse taking place on the internet. Fred explains better than I could.

John Battelle explains how GDPR can hamper the innovation economy. It’s a good read.

The bad web will slow down the whole web for a little while.

Damn you bad web.

The stock market does not seem to care right now…which is nice.

Have a great weekend. I have 24 hours of travel ahead of me, but my next post will be from Tuscany!

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