Goodbye 2018…

The year 2018 has been really good to me.

Ellen, Rachel and Max are healthy. Full stop.

I am grateful.

I am looking forward to 2019 and plan to hit the ground hard, but am taking the next two weeks slow at home with the family to end the year.

I learned a lot in 2018 and tried to share as much of it here, on Stocktwits and Twitter.

I thought Morgan’s ‘Career Lessons’ from 2018 summed things up pretty well:

Ramp’s was a classic as well:

One more from my friend Ramp that made me LOL:

PS – Ellen and I are watching the BBC show Luther (on Netflix) and it is pretty good.

PSS – While 2018 was horrific for many investors, especially crypto, it’s always good to have some perspective. I share this one often from 2010 (do not count out the HODLR’s in 2019):

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