Google – and by the way – Inflation

What a putz for selling Google – up 16 more today. Lots of money and mergers to bail out the sell-offs.

The good news is – I have no shorts and many longs and the market is seriously rocking. It just may stay good until the summer. That would be nice!

I get 20 emails a month warning me of the coming real estate crash. Part of that is the commercial lending business I am involved with and the worries of the principal. Now he is smart.

The fancy bubble talk has been in vogue since the end of the stock market bubble. If and when a crash occurs we move on to the next worry. Best advice – turn off the tv and take in some of the great opportunities in your own backyard.

It is 80 degrees and sunny in Phoenix today. Prices are not affordable for most people in reasonably nice neighborhoods. Developers are creating high rise condos in a city that people moved to for the SPACE. They are selling them at 600 plus per foot.

Good for them. Who would’nt want to live here. For that matter, my smart friends at Lumature live and retail in the center of the hottest space in Sxottsdale-Kierland.

Their old store, which they sold to buy the new land less than 10 miles away, has not appreciated at all despite the massive growth in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Stop worrying about a bubble. It is very location specific.

What is for real is inflation. Food, fuel, cost of buiulding, health care etc.

This government printing of money is what FRED WILSON -in his cliche of the week this morning – is a rising tide lifting ALL BOATS. That is the tide to watch. It is easy right now because fed policy is making it that way and certain demographics are at play. Enjoy the ride, just have a plan for stepping off.