Google At All-Time Highs…You Can’t Be So Big and NOT Be Evil

Yesterday I spent the day touring the Negev and the area along the Gaza Strip.

Here was our exact spot as we looked over Gaza:

Our tour guide and teacher for the day was a retired Colonel in the military and at one time back in 1994 the Mayor of Gaza (there used to be Jewish settlers in Gaza).

I won’t get into the lessons and the politics because it is so complicated but it was a fantastic day.

What was fascinating was how often Google came up in discussing Gaza.

The colonel calls Google Dr. Google and was explaining how the Hamas and other 50 or so terrorist organizations running out of Gaza have used Google to learn how to build bombs and tunnels.

As it so happens Google actually hit all time highs (I am long Google).

Today it is Facecbook/Zuckerberg that people hate, once it was Microsoft.

Google’s old motto was ‘Don’t Be Evil’, but you can’t be this big and profitable and not be evil.

Evil and all-time highs pretty much go hand in hand.