Google goes GPS

Based on the amount of people writing about it, it must be important.

I wish I understood all this shit at a time like this, but Fred helps clear it up a little with this post .

Looks like Google has recognized this pie as a monster outside search that it must compete aggressively. I assume they are right and Fred likes what they have done so far.

Trimble, Garmin, Nokia and Tom Tom are all positioned well, but maybe Garmin and it’s mainly hardware products is in the new weakest position.

What’s your thinking?

Disclosure – Long Trimble


  1. tokintrader says:

    Software positioning (DPS or TPS) certainly changes the scope of Garmin’s failed bid for Tele Atlas, and the lost momo which has recovered on low volume.

    It also shows long term strategy of the iPhone with no hdware gps.

    GRMN is at low of day, lethargic volume as Goog news propagates.

  2. Howard, if you like Google and GPS buy Motorola. Ed Zander and Eric Schmidt have a long history. Icahn is a genious and I know why he finally stopped bitching about Zander. At $15.60 this thing is getting close to bargain levels.

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