Google, Gold and Oil…Related After All

So while the nerds and mainstream media argue whether Google has peaked, my gold and oil stocks are riiipppppping and the underlying commodities continue at all-time highs.

We have WINflation going on for those just long the basic materials, oil, agriculture and metals, but LoseFlation in last year’s winners like CROX, Google, Apple and just about any growth stock.

Google has no shipping, packaging, manufacturing BUT ALAS, their clients DO.

Doink! They are indeed related after all :) .

PS – Blodget gets the link because he was very right on this if not a touch early . So funny how Alley Insider and TechMeme have utterly destroyed TechCruch which I saw coming over a year ago. News is sooooo not about community, it’s about being right, fair, diverse and knowledeable. Adios TechCrunch.

Disclosure – Long SLW, PAAS, GOLD, GLD, OIH and Google.