Google and Goldman Sachs…The Enteroctopus and The Vampire Squid

Pretty big day for Google.

While Google ‘is not evil’ (and I am long), they sure the f*%ck are connected. The tentacles of this Enteroctopus are now everywhere that matters.

Now they have an ex Googler running the US patent office.

As they say…’no conflict, no interest’…Google has gotten so big that it’s all conflict and all interest. It worked out OK for Goldman Sachs with their alumni and market position. The difference between the two companies is that Google went public because the law pretty much made them. Goldman Sachs went public to put the risk they would take with leverage in the public’s hands.

The VC and investing arm of Google is unstoppable. Yes they will make bad investments, but with their data, cash hoard and focus, they are my ETF of choice as you know.

While Goldman Sachs has been a great investment since the lows of 2008 in the crisis they helped create, I believe that at some point in our lifetime, the Enteroctopus might eat the Vampire Squid.

I will continue to give Google the benefit of the ‘not evil’ doubt until an ex-Googler or ‘Xoogler’ – as they like to call themselves – is running $BP or $XOM.

What say you?