Google is back on Wallstrip…Make that Wallstrip is On Google's Campus

Lindsay is totally Googleworthy and she set out to snoop around Google campus. They did not let her see much and it sounded a little like Russia, except for the sun, food, bikes that work, beautiful work conditions, money, healthcare, childcare, wireless…

Today Google announced a ‘REAL’ plan to monetize YouTube. I like it. I really like it because the tech blogsosphere is loudly chirping and the competitors hates it . On issues like this, it is best to watch the stock price as the money will let you know.

How can the money disapprove of a seriously fair strategy. They won’t. The stock was up $6 and if the plan shows even a hint of success – it will – the stock could lead us up once again.

It’s big and Phil thinks so too . Shit, so does Brian…a ‘triple lindy’ for chrissakes.

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  1. Adam Ostrow says:

    Looks like she saw more than I did at the Googleplex. When walking around with a guest pass and not accompanied by an employee, one of their security people ushered me into a building and made the person I was meeting with walk across campus to come and get me. I was also not permitted to take pictures of the original Google servers, which were on display in the lobby I was forced to wait in.

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