Google Lead bigger than I thought

The New York Times decided not to link to Wallstrip from their on-line version of the paper. I thought I would check our trusted stats services from Feedburner, which are awesome by the way, to see how many Google hits we had. Most interesting is the percentage of Wallstrip searches coming from Google – 90 plus percent.

Yahoo execs must see these types of figures every day and wince. Microsoft is surely in denial and AOL (thanks for playing :) ).

Top Search Engines

Search Engine Visits Trend
Google Search 732 +398%
Yahoo Search 45 +150%
Microsoft Live Search 19 +280%
AOL Search 4 +100%
Technorati 3 +200% 3 -25%
???ask??? 1 —
???altavista??? 1 —


  1. candice says:

    Might depend your focus? I’m not sure. (That said, my results follow suit, but I do get a fair chunk from yahoo, the percentages are different.)

    Is there stats aggregation on this scale? If mybloglog wasn’t owned by yahoo it would be somewhere to start, with their referral tracking…

  2. JimK says:

    The Kingsland Report where we run about 10,000 unique vistors weekly sees rougly 95% of search referrals come from GOOG. I’ve written about that somewhere on the blog, I don’t remember when. I had even argued that it doesn’t necessarily bode well for the stock. They have captured search hands down with officials stats underestimating what’s going on in the real world.

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