Google All-Time Highs….$570 Billion and Counting

For years I have told friends that they should not get fancy with buying technology stocks and treat Google as ‘their’ technology ETF.

They are a magical cash machine…taking their permanent capital/cash flow from advertising and investing it in brains, AI, Robots, Mapping and startups.

Last week Joe at Bloomberg had me on for a long discussion to catch up on the idea so here is proof:

You can watch the full interview by clicking HERE. The interview starts at minute 51 and lasts 10 minutes.

I have owned Google for years and until the Sergei and Larry are wheeled out, Google will remain one of my largest stock holdings.

As for what will they do next in a big way…I believe insurance will be a big push for them at some point but they know that they will be biting off a huge customer so they will milk it until the time is right.

If Vanguard did not exist, Google would have long ago started into the financial products business.

Robinhood is democratizing brokerage commissions – so of course Google is an investor.

AngelList is democratizing access to startup capital and jobs – so of course Google is an investor.

As for China…yes that’s been a big hole for them, but they drew the line with how they want to do business and China did not fit.

I’m fine with that as a shareholder.