Google Travel and The Google Maps SuperApp Advantage

It was a really busy week in New York.

I was tempted to head up to Toronto last night to see Game 6 with some friends, but caught my flight home to Phoenix and had dinner with Rachel and Ellen.

I watched the 4th quarter from the comfort of home and it was fun to see The Raptors win.

I am headed to Coronado for the week and then off to Portugal for a cycling with friends.

It seems like all I do is travel and for me, Google Travel continues to get better and better.

Everyone has their own unique travel workflow, but as Skift outlines in this article – ‘Google Travel Is Now One Step Closer to One-Stop Shopping‘.

Other than Hotels Tonight, which AirBnB recently acquired, I am almost exclusively using Google Travel and I am hearing a lot of my friends say the same.

Skift has another great research piece titled ‘Google Maps Is Ready to Transform the World of Superapps: A Skift Deep Dive‘ which helps explain one of the big edges Google has as they grow their travel business.

Have a great Sunday.