Google Wave…The Twitter IPO That Should Have Been

I told twitter to do an IPO. Instead, Biz and Ev went on a world tour.

You should not do Roadshows unless you are GETTING PAID. Investment Bankers and Rock Bands know this, web entrpreneurs…not so much.

Well timing is everything and Google is stealing the billions in market cap that should Twitter’s with today’s Wave hype .

Biz and Ev will likely get a lovely gift from the leaders of Google. Likely a Wave from all the Google employees from their new Porsche’s.

The stock market works in mysterious ways.

You can mope and bitch and get all cocktail party smart about the shitty fundamentals and how the end of the world is coming, or you can make money.

I generally choose to make money and the market is gifting it right now, for both longs and shorts.

Two stocks that have run me over have been $palm and $goog. If I had not covered $palm at $9 I would be in a world of hurt. I think $palm is still a bust, but I won’t go broke proving myself right.

I am in awe of $goog closing above $410 and all the YouTube overhang, but I want to own it for a run to $500 on the Wave hype, cost cuts and new operating leverage.

I want to make money if we run to Dow 10,000 so I will put aside my opinions and focus on price. You need to do the same.

The only chart that still really matters to me is the one I started posting back in February of the Dow Industrial 12 month rolling return:


Now that we are in a confirmed rally, things could get silly to the upside so if you are pigheaded about the world ending, best stand aside.

The ONLY bummer of this rally is that it is saving some absolute YUTZ money managers. My ONE solace is knowing that this rally will end badly and will finish off these asshats once and for all.

In the meantime, it really feels like the fun tape will continue.


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