Google/YouTube Video Adsense…A Historic Day for Web Video?

It seems that way with Google’s release of Video Adsense. Straight from the horse’s mouth .

I sold half my Google position in celebration of the euphoria…at $617.

Lot’s of nerd takes over at TechMeme. I like reading Ashkan on days like today who has an entrrpreneurial, ground floor media view on the announcement .

I respectfully disagree with his view on Content being the next big wave of VC investment , just not enough leverage, but if he’s right, great.

Matthew Ingram says it could be genius or desperation . I don’t think it’s either, just business. The desperation thing makes for good headlines, but come on Matthew, Google paid squat (inflated paper) for this business and I have said from day one that the deal was cheap. The stock market money agreed. This is no Skype.

What is amazing is how huge a lead Google now has in Video. It’s like every other player has backed off, stood still and switched away from being in the market with YouTube. That is never a good thing for the market. Great for Google’s stock though…hence the $600 plus price tag today.


  1. Crawford says:

    Talk about big news in video. How about Jeff Immelt getting into bed with Sue Johanson! Ewwwwwwwwww. The tings that boy will do for money.

  2. Trader Mike says:

    test… I think the comment issue is fixed now Howard, the “comment timeout” plugin was rejecting some comments. I changed one of the settings.

  3. Brad Webb says:

    I think this is step one towards real AdSense for Video. This is TubeSense still, and not a real release, yet. It’s coming, but it’s not done, imo.

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