GoTrade – Retail Trading Continues to Explode Across The Globe

Today, our portfolio company Gotrade announced their $7 million seed round to make investing in US stocks accessible for literally anyone.

It’s something we take for granted in the US but billions of people globally are simply unable to invest in US public companies. Gotrade has changed that, bringing a Robinhood experience to the rest of the world.

Gotrade is commission-free (of course) and allows anyone in the world to invest in fractional shares of US stocks from as little as $1. That means anyone in the world can now own a piece of Howie’s 8 to 80 portfolio for just $50.

Gotrade is built on top of Alpaca – another Social Leverage portfolio company. Alpaca allows anyone to launch their own commission-free trading app. Considering what Gotrade has built though, I’m further impressed and excited about Alpaca.

I’m excited to see what folks all over the world will do now that they finally have access to US stocks.

I have included some screen shots from the live product below. Hit me up if you need an introduction to the team and