GPS Trend – Updating Digital Maps

It’s happening and it’s still early.

Tom Tom is really pushing but it’s good for everybody .

Hoping for major weakness in my fave names as I have been a seller of late of NVT and Garmin (see last few weeks).

Disclosure – Long Garmin and Navteq


  1. Aaron says:

    Being long GRMN and NVT has been a great move for the last few years, and I wouldn’t expect that trend to change anytime soon. The GPS movement is very real.

  2. DCGolfer says:

    That’s an interesting NY Times article. I agree, the GPS movement is very real and it’s starting to get much more exciting. With TomTom’s release of their first Map Share device, the GO 720, we are entering a whole new era of GPS technology. I’m excited to see what they come out with next!

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